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About Us

Company Overview Profile

Started in 1989, as a part time venture. With customer recognition,
within 2 years that venture blossomed into a full time business,
currently with over 5,000 successful events.


The word that best describes our food is flavorful. Robert’s father had no desire to eat bland food. Our favorite calls come from clients whose employees are still talking about the wonderful meal the next day.
We create flavors that are robust (not spicy), complex and balanced that provide such a memorable meal that you will have us back again.
Our style has evolved over time from Robert’s father’s backyard BBQ’s and his early recipes, lending itself deeper into California Cuisine and combining many seasonal and regional ingredients cooked fresh, before your eyes.
This is NOT Texas BBQ, but rather what we like to call California grilling; a blend of ethnicities and flavors – fun, fresh and innovative! You will be pleased by the presentation and even more impressed by the taste.

We take our food seriously. We have created all our own sauces, marinades, dressings, innovative salads, sausages and much more. These recipes combined with fresh quality ingredients set us apart. Our knowledgeable staff has served everyone from hungry Giant’s tailgating fans to wine country connoisseurs. Our confidence, consistency, and reputation are by no accident they stem from numerous satisfied customers, the best at a reasonable price.

Continuing to adapt and create new innovative ideas with the times and trends along with our time tested classics. We look forward to creating more memorable events on the horizon.

Owner's Profile

Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson

Born in California, Bob received his B.A. from San Jose State University in Business Finance. At 21, his sisters introduced him to the Napa Valley Wine Country. This started his love for good food and fine wines that compliment one another.

Bob entered the business world by developing many innovative food products in the mid 1980's while in sales and product development for a national spice company. Robert founded The BBQ Boys in 1989. A self taught chef, Robert has used most of his travels of the world, experiences, and intuition in creating more than 600 flavorful recipes under the BBQ Boys venue. Robert also operates and is winemaker of Team Zin, a boutique winery in Silicon Valley sourcing grapes from prime areas of Sonoma County.
His 20 years of experiences and 5000 successful events insure your complete satisfaction for your event.

Daniel J.Schmalz

Daniel J.Schmalz

With 10 years experience in the food and hospitality industry, Daniel has been pleasing his guests on over 2,000 catered events. While working with the BBQ Boys for over 5 years, Daniel discovered his passion for food and more importantly pleasing his guests! As he realized the power of great food and service, he decided to further his education by attending American River College's reputable culinary arts and hospitality management programs. With this education and background in culinary arts, he has achieved his A.A, restaurant hospitality certificate, and introductory baking certificate.

While attending school in the greater Sacramento area, he has worked at several fine dining restaurants including the Oak Cafe where he carried out all positions related to running a restaurant and was featured in Sunset Magazine. He has also served as sous-chef and catering manager for the The Gold Vine Grill in Somerset's wine country.

With this educational background and vast experience, Daniel is committed to making your next event the absolute best it can be.

Robert Peterson Sr.and Jo

Robert Peterson Sr.and Jo


My father was one of the many fathers that created "California backyard BBQ" back in the 60's and 70's. My great memories of those truly fantastic BBQ's inspired the creation of The BBQ Boys.

A Bay Area native, professional basketball star and a leader in the finance industry, my father instilled the dedication, discipline, honesty and intensity that make our fresh BBQ meals five star. His great vision guarantees that you will get the perfect attention and taste of that backyard grill.

Perhaps we all do want to follow our fathers. I would be very proud to follow mine.

Why to Choose Us

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Great Food

We are firing up the smoke and sizzle of truly great California BBQ. We guarantee the taste of delicious food, an attractive presentation and a professional, cheerful staff. Everything is prepared fresh on site just like in your family backyard BBQ... and taste just that fresh. In our 16th year, we are still in the business of exciting peoples senses. An atmosphere that inspires anticipation, excitement, and the feeling that your guests are special, appreciated, and fully satisfied.

The Finest Freshest
All of our meats are fresh, lean and choice grade. Buns are baked daily and salads are freshly prepared from excellent ingredients with our own recipes. Desserts are selected for the best taste and quality. A wide selection of condiments allows your guests to exercise their own flavor personality.

Ask the Competition
We have won many food competitions, rib and chili cook-offs and food & wine festivals. Through viewing our client list, all of these quality organizations cannot be wrong.

Quality of Product
This is not food purchased from a membership discount house, but of the quality of a fine restaurant. We have created our own sauces, marinades, dressings, innovative salads, gourmet sausages, and much more. For maximum flavor, meats are marinated at least 2 days prior to your event and produce is brought in fresh daily from local purveyors. These products Set Us Apart.

With nearly 800 tried and true recipes at our disposal, we know we can satisfy any of your culinary tastes with authentic spices and flavors. We also carry an entire line of international themed menus including Jamaican, Hawaiian, Oktoberfest and every other ethnic menu along the way.

Great Food


Great Service

We are an industry leader with our complete service, impeccable on time record and our willingness to go the extra mile. Our friendly, helpful and experienced staff assures great personal service. We take all of the worry out of event planning. One of the owners will work with you directly to ensure all your event priorities are attended to.

A Great Show
Having everything cooked fresh at your location with our 10ft. BBQs inspires anticipation and excitement from your guests with quality they can see, smell and taste. Our staff, attractive buffets and BBQs will only add to the festivities.

Speed and Personal Service
Our accurate speedy service ensures no long waiting in lines, with fresh entrees coming directly from the grill. Our service commitment can be seen through our hospitality, flexibility and desire to create a flawless and memorable event.



In this industry, we realize that every detail counts, which is why our perfectionist attitude assures that even the most minute detail will not be overlooked. Our team with over 30 year's management experience understands that proper planning and attentiveness to customer needs guarantees success.

Our Guarantee
We offer a professional environment that delivers timely and complete information on our food products and services. Our time tested recipes are sampled for quality and taste on a daily basis. On your event, we guarantee accurate menu items, on time service, adequate quantities and consistently delicious food. You have our pledge to do whatever is necessary for your complete satisfaction.

We are completely confident that you will not have a better experience with a caterer and will not find better value for your dollar.




Over 6,500 Successful Events
With a number of that magnitude, our experience provides the customer with trust and confidence that their event will go off with perfect results, great taste and a terrific atmosphere.

21 Years in Business
Over 21 years of success stems from food knowledge, management and business experience. Our well trained staff, expert cook and proficient procedures make The BBQ Boys "System" nearly flawless.

We have served a diverse group of clientele from hungry San Francisco Giants fans to wine connoisseurs. We recognize the tastes and preferences of all ages, ethnicities and professions.

Our motto is "We cook anywhere, rain or shine" and we literally have. We are more than qualified to assist you with event planning for any venue, type of menu or location. We are seasoned professionals you can count on.


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